war war [wɔː ǁ wɔːr] noun [countable]
price/​trade/​sales war COMMERCE a situation in which countries or companies compete against each other very strongly:

• Manufacturers of basic commodity products are vulnerable to price wars when demand is slow.

• Progress in talks with Japan have averted the risk of a protectionist trade war.

• A price war may break out as tire makers try to grab market share and put spare capacity to work.

• Gasoline retailers have been waging price wars (= taking part in them ) .

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war UK US /wɔːr/ noun [C] COMMERCE, ECONOMICS
a situation in which businesses, countries, etc. compete against each other very strongly: »

In the supermarket war, Asda slashed the price of petrol.

at war »

The banks are at war for each other's business accounts.

lose/wage/win a war »

The EU is in danger of losing the propaganda war.

See also BIDDING WAR(Cf. ↑bidding war), PRICE WAR(Cf. ↑price war), SALES WAR(Cf. ↑sales war), TRADE WAR(Cf. ↑trade war)

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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